Our Mission

The purpose of the Wisconsin Educators of Business and Information Technology is to develop and execute a sustained and planned program for Wisconsin business education teachers through conferences, bulletins, research studies (Journal Submission Requirements pdf), and educational investigations.

Friday, February 27, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. there was a Google Hangout on the air discussing ACT WorkKeys. Google+ Event Page
Pro-Tip 2 Game-Based Review, by Jessica Miller
Only available to WEBIT Members
Pro-Tip 3 Reading/Literacy by Stacey Ryan
Pro-Tip 4 Keyboarding by Danielle Stiebs
Pro-tip 5 Formative Assessment-Plickers by Cheryl Hopkins

Greetings from Becky & Jen! Below you’ll find some updates and information relevant to WEBIT:

Convention Recap

A huge THANK YOU to all who were involved in the planning and organizing of Convention as well as those who took time out of their busy personal and professional lives to attend. Our keynote speaker, Molly Schroeder delivered a thought-provoking and inspiring message on “Living in Beta”. Here are just a few of the take-aways:

  • Inspire moonshot thinkers
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try. 
  • Teach your students to “ask 3 before me” - Google, YouTube, a friend
  • If a video can replace you as the teacher, it probably should. 
  • What’s in your “educational graveyard” and what should be? (devices, units, pedagogy?)
  • “Mind the gap” - what’s the learning that took place, not just the test results
  • What are the last 4 globally collaborative projects you’ve done with your students? It shouldn’t be difficult to come up with this list of four. 
  • Show the edge of you; bring the students with you when you explore and learn. 
  • Capture accidents. A wrong answer is the right answer to a different question.

As the two days of convention went on, we were more than impressed with the presenters and the information, knowledge, and experience they were able to share with us all. We sure do have amazing colleagues that we can learn so much from! If you missed Convention this year, MAKE SURE YOU GET TO CONVENTION IN 2015! You won’t be disappointed.

Gamification Applied at Convention

This year at Convention, we applied some gamification principles by giving attendees the opportunity to earn badges. It was a way to bring about engagement and enthusiasm to achieving various tasks while at Convention, and many Convention attendees were excited about the badges they earned throughout the two days. In an effort to continue the engagement and enthusiasm, we are going to continue the gamification and badge-earning throughout the school year. There will be several more opportunities to earn badges from now until May 1, 2015, so even if you weren’t able to attend Convention, you’ll still have the opportunity to earn badges and play the game! The student member and the professional member with the most badges will earn a free membership for 2015-16! So keep your eyes and ears peeled about the various opportunities to earn your badges with a chance to earn a free WEBIT membership! With any questions on this, please email our Marketing Director, Kurt Wismer.

Spring Updates

Check out the Spring Update dates and register to attend. It will be a one-day event filled with lots of learning and information. These Updates are spread out around the state in an effort to make it easy for all to attend without having to travel a significant distance. You don’t need to be a member of WEBIT to attend so encourage your principals, school counselors, and colleagues to attend. The dates and locations of the Spring Updates are as follows: Madison - Feb 3, Appleton - Feb 9, La Crosse - Feb 18, Indianhead-Rice Lake - Feb 19, Wausau - Feb 25, Milwaukee - Feb 26. See you there!

WEBIT - Moving Forward

I BIT. WEBIT. Do you BIT? At Convention it was voted on to change our professional organization's name from WBEA (WI Business Education Association) to WEBIT (WI Educators of Business & Information Technology). Our new name better represents what we do in the classroom by bringing in the information technology piece of the puzzle. With the rebranding of our organization, you will also notice some other fun, innovative changes that will move our organization forward to be relevant and valuable to all members. Thank you for being committed to your profession as well as your professional organization, WEBIT! We challenge you to reach out to others and encourage them to be part of WEBIT. There is strength and support in numbers!

We are excited and honored to lead WEBIT over the course of the next year. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas as we strive to grow membership, increase the value-add of being a WEBIT member, and keep the organization moving forward.

Becky Ackermann & Jen Bishop
WEBIT Co-Presidents